Welcome to the website of Eric Wodening. Eric Wodening is a freelance writer who follows the faith called Anglo-Saxon heathendom (the Anglo-Saxon peoples being the forerunners of the modern English). Anglo-Saxon heathendom is a branch of the religion followed by nearly all of the Germanic peoples (those peoples who spoke Germanic languages, such as the Dutch, the Germans, the Swedes, Danes, Norwegians, and so on). It is then closely related to the religion practised by the ancient Scandinavians, the peoples from whom the Vikings sprang, which is today known as Ásatrú by its followers.

 Eric Wodening has written several booklets and articles on Anglo-Saxon heathendom. He is the High Thyle of the Miercinga Ríce. He is also moderator of the ASHMail (Anglo-Saxon Heathen Mail) email list. He may be reached at wednesbury@englatheod.org.. 

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